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Lot 302 Fundraising Efforts

This purchase would create a 40 acre (16 ha) Ecological Reserve protecting a corridor from Surge Narrows dock to the far boundary of an existing Fish & Forest Reserve at the headwaters of Read Island’s most important salmon streams.


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-RavenSong Gallery on Quadra Island (Quathiaski Cove Mall)
 -Surge Post Office

 - Orders and Questions:

contact Lannie @ 

A note from the team:


"Wow! We made it. We have achieved our $115,000 target. A huge thank you to all that contributed. We couldn’t have done it without you.

However, although we have now reached our target, we are continuing to collect funds. Buoyed by some recent publicity in the Vancouver Sun ( ),

Campbell River Mirror ( ), funds are still rolling in. This money will be set aside to assist in the purchase and protection of more land as it becomes available. Negotiations are currently underway to secure more forested land and sensitive ecosystems on Read Island."


Community Maps

Check out the video below about the free app
Avenza Maps 
Download it to use these maps offline and plot your own special interests.
Monthly Newsletter

Check out the happenings in and around the community and stay up to date on upcoming events.

Get involved with the

  Community Planning Process

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   Surge Community Virtual                 Coffeehouses:

Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday morning at 10am, starting Friday April 3rd.  
The first Coffeehouse, this Friday April 3, is where we will get used to using the Zoom app and talk about how we are doing.


Paste this URL in your browser for our April 3rd meeting:


Sheila will be hosting the first meeting, but we will be looking for other community members to take on this role.


Each meeting will include a brief check-in, and in future calls we may focus on a topic of interest (e.g. our gardens, our projects, current books, our families).

Any other ideas about how this could work would be greatly appreciated. We’ll learn as we go. 

Community planning for resiliency: Wednesday April 8, 10 am (instead of coffeehouse).


At the meeting start time paste this URL in your browser:


Discussion of topics such as:

how can we improve food security?

How can we better help seniors? How can we prioritize community projects?

How can we support children and youth?

How can the Surge property be used to help our community become more resilient? 

How to access a coffeehouse conference:

• Download the ZOOM app in advance (it's free!) • At the meeting start time, paste the URL for the meeting in your browser window.

• It will take a few moments for the application to open; it may ask you to confirm Zoom is the application; it will also ask if you want audio or video or both (answer: both). It’s also possible to dial in to our coffeehouses; dial in numbers will be provided for USA and Canada.

• We’ve learned it’s best not to run Netflix or other streaming services at the same time as it can cause your system to under perform.

Where to find video-conference URLs:  On our message board  - go to and click on “message board”.

Also, in our reminder emails. For the first meeting everyone who receives the Current will receive an email inviting them to join the meeting.

This email will include a reminder of meeting URL as well as the date and time.

There will be an option for people to “opt out” of the meeting notifications. The email notification list will then be adjusted accordingly. 
If have any questions or want to organize a video-conference for your community group using the SNCA account please contact Sheila (; back up contact

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