SNCA is a Canadian Registered Charity (CRA number 89344 3861 RR0001) representing the approximately 131 full-time plus 105 part-time residents of Read Island, Maurelle Island, North and South Rendez-Vous Islands, and southern Sonora Island.

     Founded in 1973, our organization promotes and provides educational, charitable, and community activities, maintains several community centres, and issues a monthly newsletter “Surge Currents” to over 400 current and past residents and friends.

     We also oversee the Surge Narrows Fish and Forest Reserve, Lot 309, on behalf of the Nature’s Trust of BC; inspect the John Kim Sanctuary, a local reserve, assist in maintaining 3 public docks, and facilitate and support many community initiatives important to our residents.

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Read Island

Maurelle Island

Quadra Island

Sonora Island

Rendez-Vous Islands

Current Directors

Chairperson:  Sheila Hollanders
Treasurer/Secretary:  Ginny Vassal
Director:    Rosie Steeves
Director:    Jim Mallis
Director:    Stephen Barnes