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Community Planning

   The Surge Narrows Community has been exploring it's ideas and visions for the future in recent months. 

   After a series of Community driven and organized events, the Community is feeling excited to get going on writing its Official Community Plan and updating its outdated bylaw. 

   First though, the Community will be participating in the Strathcona Regional District(SRD) wide Integrated Community Sustainability Plan (ICSP), which "is a long-term plan developed in consultation with community members to identify a shared vision for sustainability." 

   The SRD website says the ICSP is needed because:

"to achieve responsible growth, the SRD requires a roadmap for guiding development in a sustainable manner and assuring that Electoral Area C becomes a more resilient, sustainable, and cohesive community. The plan will focus on maintaining the community’s social, economic, cultural and environmental values."

SNCA has been in contact with the consultant who is helping the SRD facilitate the ICSP process. 

   Please check out the documents on our Community Planning page to get some insight into the types of questions that will be asked at the first open house, Friday December 6 at the Bunkhouse in Surge Narrows. 

ICSP Open House

Friday December 6, 2019



Free Lunch and Refreshments!

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: Residents and visitors enjoy the view from the MaryAnne Moss Bridge during the dedication in October 2019. This bridge honours the memory of MaryAnne, homesteader, activist, and matriarch of Read Island.

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